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Our Story

The Birth

Hegira (from Hegira Sdn Bhd) is a hijab brand that brings innovations and inspirations to Muslim women through hijab designs that embody uniqueness, versatility and practicality so women can put their best selves forward every day.

The name was inspired from the nobility of the word of “Hijrah”; paying tribute to the vital historical mark in the Islamic history when Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. The brand essence captures this same spirit of positive transformations and betterment through hijabs that are creatively designed, encouraging women to be modest while simultaneously able to be their authentic selves.



The brand’s primary principal in innovations have enabled the brand to be in the vanguard of hijab development with its unique and distinct hijab designs. Hegira develops, manufactures and retails its products via its own online and offline channels as well as through the Siti Khadijah Boutique chains.

The Offerings

Hegira offers variety of designs, that can be categorized in two primary segments.

    • Fashion Hijabs
    • Ibadah Hijabs

Fashion Hijabs are everyday hijabs that women can wear, to work, to events, for casual, which can come in many different design shapes and forms.

Ibadah Hijabs on the other hand, are hijabs that are ibadah ready, yet also can be used for daily uses. It comes with Chin Covering and the length is generally slightly longer than the fashion hijabs. These are designs perfect for Usrah, Umrah & Hajj as well.



The SO's

Although Hegira offers a wide variety of designs, from long shawls to square bawals to sarung, the core specialty for Hegira is really its SLIP ONs (aka sarung). When Slip On is abbreviated, it is pronounced as SO; therefore one can see all of Hegira’s hijab names begin and end with SO For instance: PRETTILY-SO, CHARMINGLY-SO, LOVELY-SO, SO-BASIC, SO-RIGHT etc.

Hegira believes that the SOs have the ability to add lots of value to women, in terms of simplicity and practicality. The hijabs can be made beautiful but at the same time, easy to wear, quick to style (or almost no styling required), minimal or no pins and brooches required.

We love to hear customers responses to the new acronym, and they seem to be taking them very positively. They love how the Slip Ons help them in their daily lives by shortening the time for them to get ready. The price range for Hegira Hijabs is from RM 69 – RM 200


The Designs

For our instant hijabs a.k.a Slip Ons, we cater to women who loves either SHAWL FACELOOK (looks like wearing a shawl) and SOFT AWNING FACELOOK (with soft awning). We also have SYRIA FACELOOK, which is Syria hijab in various fabrics.

Our main materials are chiffon, crepe, knit, moss crepe and various other fabric types such as viscose.


shawl facelook


soft awning facelook
syrian facelook

Hegira is not just a fashion brand. It comes with several social messages that are very close to the brand’s core.

WHY #1: Growing the local economy

Hegira’s manufacturing facility is in Negeri Sembilan; employing 100% local Malaysians in the community. No foreigners are hired in the production site, because we believe in giving back to the community and helping single mothers, women in the families to earn income, be independent and be a contributing member of the family.

WHY #2: Positive Mental Health

1 in every 3 people in Malaysia experiences some sort of mental health issues, from anxiety to stress disorder to panic attacks to depression. This is a serious phenomena in our country which affects major things like how children are raised (imagine when children are being raised by parents who are depressed or constantly stressed) .

This is one of the inspirations behind Hegira’s tagline, that is “Life is a Continuous Hijrah”. Life is always challenging and Hegira wants to contribute to the community by advocating positive mental health to its customers and the people in general.

Hegira plans to set up a #Hegiracommunity and partner with relevant associations and groups to send positive message through social media and ground events. 


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