Hi ya all!
If you like something cute, simple and adorable, then we want to introduce you to:
Tweely means something excessively sentimental, sweet, or pretty. It really befits the new hijab, don't you think?

Psttt... Here is the BEHIND THE SCENE story.

Cutely-So has been one of our popular hijab, but we only made it in plain colors before. Imagine wearing plain tops or kurung, sometimes you need some splash of prints, right?
So, off we went to work finding the most suitable fabric and design for this idea.
We began our R&D, killed a few hijab along the way *gasp* (That's what happened when our R&D did not work, we just "kill" the version and re-do it again). Most of the times we have to change our paper pattern because fabric behave differently which affects the outcome. 
Some was too short, some was too long in length. Some was too tight around the face. Sometime the shape didn't come out nice, either too round or too oval.

Finally, we got a version that we liked. The next stage was for us to design the pattern. I was looking through my old photos and found some taken over Spring season some years ago abroad. And what did I see in the background? Tulipssssss...so many of them. and they're sooo pretty even though they only appear for short period of time every year (usually end of Spring season)
Aha! Tulips become the idea then!

A little bit about TWEELY-SO TULIPS

  • TWEELY SO  uses Cornskin material on the outside (which is super nice) with a Shawl Facelook in Premium Heavy Chifffon, so you can look younger, gorgeous and stylish (#nampakmuda)
  • TWEELY SO theme comes in 5 beautiful, beautiful colors that is very calming Tulip pattern. A very minimalistic design for minimalist lover out there!

  • The hijab has side pleats so it looks so pretty on your body (flowy)

  • The hijab is really easy to put on. You slip it over your head, and boom you're done.

  I would want one!

  We want to give a special gift to one of the early Purchasers tomorrow during our launching. Let me explain.
  We are launching:

  THURSDAY |  11th February  | 11:00 AM

  If you buy in the first 3 hours of launching (11am to 2 pm), you stand the get a chance to receive a gold ring valued at RM200 (Only one lucky customer will be selected)

  But, if you miss the ring, you can still purchase till 11:59 pm Friday, 12th February and you can get the LAUNCHING PRICE at RM99. The normal price is RM109.

Mark your calendar ya for Thursday February 11th for our Launching Special
For fast action bonanza, for purchases between 11am until 2 pm, stand a chance to win one gold ring valued at RM200.
For every purchases, between 11th February (11 AM) until 12 February (11:59PM), you are eligible to get discount price, RM99 (NP: RM109)

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