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The SO's

Although Hegira offers a wide variety of designs, from long shawls to square bawals to sarung, the core specialty for Hegira is really its SLIP ONs (aka sarung). When Slip On is abbreviated, it is pronounced as SO; therefore one can see all of Hegira’s hijab names begin and end with SO For instance: PRETTILY-SO, CHARMINGLY-SO, LOVELY-SO, SO-BASIC, SO-RIGHT etc.

Hegira believes that the SOs have the ability to add lots of value to women, in terms of simplicity and practicality. The hijabs can be made beautiful but at the same time, easy to wear, quick to style (or almost no styling required), minimal or no pins and brooches required.

We love to hear customers responses to the new acronym, and they seem to be taking them very positively. They love how the Slip Ons help them in their daily lives by shortening the time for them to get ready.