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New Collection for CHEERLY-SO Series

By; Editorial, 22/12/2020

Cheerly-So is finally back with solid color! This version of cheerly-so have been the most requested from out customer. We heard you! With 13 colors choices that will surely catch your ees at the first sight. A liltle bit information about this new CHEERLY-SO ESSENTIAL COLORS. This is also a slip-on hijab. But it comes in shawl facelook. You will literally look glam once you slip the hijab on. This hijab comes in 2 face sizes; (S/M) and (L). Mind you that the size is basically measurement of face. Not the length of hijab. For the length of hijab, it is 28CM for (S/M) size and 31CM for (L) size.

Below is the colors that I think very pretty and suitable for everyday wear. More colors available at www.hegirahijab.com


p/s - This hijab comes with no Swarovski. But good news!

You can add original Swarovski for RM10 only! Head to our website to know more !