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So-Laysa in Desert Tan

So-Laysa in Desert Tan

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Welcoming our newest addition, SO-LAYSA. A minimalist, practical everyday hijab that you don’t need to iron (#noiron), don’t need to style and pin (#nostyling #nopin).

Infact, the name is inspired by the word SELESA wink. SO-LAYSA uses the never been released before, new SLIM-CUTTING on the shoulder.

It is made of the comfortable Moss Crepe fabric, and as usual it comes in 2 sizes (S/M) and (L)

Length: 18.5 “ (Frontal)
Material: Moss Crepe
Awning: Moss Crepe (If you prefer Denim awning, please write to us and we can custom for you)
Chin Covering: Not included (If you would like chin covering, please text us so we can assist you)
Cutting: Slim-Cut on shoulder
Accessories: H pendants and Crystals


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